Here we are!

Here we are! Full of excitement, drive, confidence and fear. After a lifetime of helping companies grow from the inside, we have decided to help companies grow from the outside. There some people I want to thank for helping to guide the launch of vitalfew:

Mark Snow: helping me understand who we are and how best to apply our skills and knowledge.

Peter Weddle: for guidance and counsel in my transition.

The Zippers: My entire team at ZipRecruiter, who are my family away from home. Zip, Zip!

Sean Sullivan: A complete website in less than a week and supporting my ideas for 20 years.

My Family: “So, does this mean we’ll have more money?” – no reply.

Ian Siegel:  Going from boss to first client, overnight. That’s real confidence.

Ok, guys – you seem creative, why vitalfew?

There are so many ways to answer to that question – I’ll list a couple:

Vital Few or Pareto’s Principal or the 80-20 Rule is something we consider  in every decision we make. Our goal is always to get the greatest output from the least input. Whether it’s helping to find the 20% of sales reps that generate 80% of sales or it’s applying smallest amount of work on a product to yield the highest results; we are focused on results.

The team itself also embodies the principal. Each of us are the best at what we do. We are the 20% that deliver 80% of results.

Over the coming weeks we will be kicking out content, commentary and analysis – stay tuned!

For now, I found this Mark Cuban quote this week. It sums up how the vitalfew think, and serve their clients:




Ethan Bloomfield

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