vitalsales: Product, Pitch, Price


Vital formula for success:

  • vitalproduct: often times we have found even the most minor change to a product can result in astronomical results – other times we find a company is more passionate about the product than customers and a serious overhaul is in order
  • vitalpitch: in sales the pitch is as important as packaging is in retail. we refine or alter the sales pitch to maximize close rate, order value and long term value
  • vitalprice: most pricing is a guess and often times it is wrong. our goal is to identify price points that maximize long term value of your customers.
  • vitalbizdev: with 10+ years of success business development deals in the HR Tech space, we offer “BD for Hire” services.
  • vitalsalestest: we can provide direct buyer feedback on your products and services, by presenting to our network of HR and Recruiting leaders. occasionally generating sales and contacts for your team.



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