VitalFew presents: Event Hacking by vitalfew.

What is event hacking?

Using 20 years of experience in personal and business brand development, vitalfew will help your brand get the maximum exposure possible at industry and custom events.

We specialize in Talent Acquisition events and Industry events. Some of our favorite venues:

What can you expect?

Our services are flexible and designed to meet your company’s needs.

In some cases it is as simple as using our powerful brand to attract people to your event both pre-conference and on site.

In other cases we provide complete conference planning and logistics. From your theme to hosting parties to booth giveaways and 100% logistics and planning.

We even have a small team of booth workers and promotional models.

An amazing event requires an amazing team:

CEO | Chief Growth Hacker
 Belchertown, MA
Mike Wiston
VP | Growth Hacker
 Stamford, CT
Digital samurai | Film production |
Event Logistics and Planning
Event Planner
Networking Ninja | Event Management,
Design, and Planning
Event Planner
Make Up Artist and Event Host
Event Planner
Event Host
Event Planner
Corp Event Planner, Speaker Booking,
Program Planning, Team Building
Executive Host

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