How can I learn more about the specific training products included in this resource center?

Under the tab LICENSED PRODUCTS, you will see product titles that link to product descriptions for either an entire category of products or for individual titles. You can also schedule a demo to explore specific products by clicking on the CONTACT tab.

What are the copyright limitations on these training products?

Your rights at your corporate location are virtually unlimited for internal training purposes. You can customize, rename, make any changes you wish and reproduce unlimited copies of your training documents. You cannot sell, give away or provide access to the material to others outside your organization. You cannot remove the HRD Press name from the document or the copyright.  

Do you provide a guarantee?

Yes, we provide one of the best guarantees in the industry.  Take a full provide a full 90 days to review your license and if you decide it is not for you, simply let us know and we will refund your entire price minus the cost of any training days that you may have used.

What is Workshop Certification?

A training professional skilled in the use of the assessment and/or training product will demonstrate and train your facilitator’s to deliver the training product unassisted by using the facilitator’s guide. Contact your rep to coordinate all your needs for additional or contracted training services.

Can I get sample assessments or samples of workshops to review before I purchase?

Yes, just email us your request for a specific product at

How are online assessments administered?

We set up a unique company account for your internal administrator(s). All they need to administer online assessments is a login link, a user name, and password. There are job aids on your Assessment Center Homepage that explain the simple steps necessary to invite participants to complete an online assessment and print reports. Your rep can always help.

Can the online assessment administrator control who produces reports or sees results?

Yes, you can enable participants to produce their own reports instantly or reports can be produced at a later time centrally so they can be distributed during training.

Do all these workshops use the same instructional design format?

There is no one instructional system design methodology that works best for all training topics. We have contracted with industry experts on particular topics to bring the best courses and methodology to our customers and they use different ISD methods for different topics. However we work with our authors to minimize these differences and to ensure the ISD used is right for the content. Any trainer will have no trouble working with these materials to deliver and debrief assessments or conduct training.

How do I inquire for a quote on training delivery services for one or more workshops?

It’s easy,  just call 800-822-2801 x1138 and ask to schedule your training session. Date requested can be any open date. You will be contacted to confirm your date and time.

Who is my best first point of contact for information of any kind on these workshops?

Your sales rep will be your first point of contact available at 800-822-2801 plus an extension. Our main corporate 800 number is also always a backup contact number.

How are Learning Resources delivered?

You will be provided log in credentials to access your learning resources through our online assessment center and our online content system.

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